Welcome to the website for B.CANDY, a whimsical new store open in Corona Del Mar dedicated to all things sweet. Step inside, where you’ll find delicious treats of all varieties—from mile long ropes of sour licorice to feather light chocolates that dissolve on your tongue. We even have edible candiliers hanging overhead!

B.CANDY is more than just a shop to pick up your favorite whizpops and gobstoppers—it’s a sweet-lover’s paradise where you can explore, celebrate and leave so excited that you feel like jumping into the air and clicking your heels. We’ve gone to great lengths to fill our flagship location to the brim with sweets all types. We delight in carrying the candies that you thought they didn’t make anymore, tasty novelty treats and delicious new innovations! Why? Because for us, candy inspires our imagination, makes us laugh and reminds us that sometimes in life you just have to treat yourself!

Inside B.CANDY you’ll find sweet delicacies sold by bulk or prepackaged, you can buy one of our Confection Collections or ask us to help you host a candy table at your wedding, birthday party or special event!

Come visit us for mystic, marvelous surprises and tasty morsels that will entrance and delight you!